Q. What programs do you use to draw in?

A. Primarily I use Manga Studio for my line art and Photoshop CS for colors. 

Q. What digital brushes do you use?

A. I use just the basic of brushes. Nothing fancy.

Q. What tools do you use to draw digitally?

A. I draw on a Cintiq 24HD.

Q. What materials do you use to draw traditionally?

A. I ink with Tombow Brush pens, prismacolor fine tip brush pens and Micron pens. I marker render with Prismacolor brush markers (warm grey) and Winsor & Newton colour markers. 

Q. Are you accepting commission work?

A. Not at this time. My schedule is very packed. If you have a short project with a decent budget you can email your inquires to laufman@gmail.com and I might be able to squeeze in small jobs at my discretion.  I will make an announcement when I open commission spots. 

Q. I'm a big fan of your work can I copy something you've done and post it in my gallery?

A. I'm completely fine with someone using my work to learn and practice with. Just give me a credit for the original works! 

Q. Can you teach me to draw like you?

A. I get asked this a lot. Most people are not really serious and say it with a tongue in cheek but it raises an important point. Just like anything you do in life you want to be good at, it takes practice.. A LOT of practice. Keep in mind that most artists you admire have been drawing professionally for a long time. They have been drawing their entire lives. They've been to art school and they draw for many hours EVERY DAY. If you want to get good at something there is no magic program or brush that will make you suddenly draw like your favourite artists. No matter what you choose, creating art, playing Halo or even being a CEO of a company. You have to want it bad enough to make the sacrifices it takes to get good at it. No one is born being talented. Everyone who is, works extremely hard at it. The question real is. How bad do you want it?

Q. Who are your art influences?

A. So many awesome artists out there inspire me everyday. A couple of stand outs. First and foremost Sean "Cheeks" Galloway has been a huge influence on my career. Not only has he become a great friend but a awesome mentor as well. He's ridiculously talented and very gracious towards me. A few others that have stood out over the years, Joe Mad, Skottie Young, Jon Sommariva and Jake Parker. Again too many to name all here.