I get asked often what tools and equipment I use to create my art. I work mainly in digital but I also dabble in traditional mediums as well. Below is a list of tools I use and links to where to find them.  



LINER • Snap! SH Gold Taklon

This has been my go to brush for inking during Inktober 2017. I also use it for ink washes as well. You get a nice fine point with the brush while holding enough ink to fill in larger areas or doing washes. 


Pentel Pocket Brush

This is a really great pocket brush. You get a nice clean and consistent line with it. The ink goes fast when filling in larger areas so it's best used for line work only. 


Tombow Brush Pen

This is one of my favorite brushes. It gives you a really nice line and the fine point end is really handy for making some more precise lines when needed. Just be aware that the ink is not water proof so no great for ink washes or water color. Also markers tend to make the line bleed.


Pigma Brush Pen

A great go to brush that you can keep in your bag on the go. It's gives you a nice clean line. Just be aware that the ink is not water proof so no great for ink washes or water color. Also markers tend to make the line bleed.


Pigma Mircon Pens

I rarely use these mechanical pens but they are handy to have around. The #03 size I find is a good one to have on hand. Mainly good for doing any complicated designs. 



Koh-I-Noor Waterproof Black India Ink

Out of all the ink I've tried I would that this ink is the deepest black and runs really smooth. I use this ink for washes as well and it works great. I might change my mind as I try more inks but for now this is my main ink. The nozzle is also really handy for drops into a tray. 


FW Ink Scarlet Red

A really nice red ink that turns orange when diluted in water. The nice guys at Creature Box recommended this ink to me. 


FW Ink Flame Red

A really nice red ink that turns pink when diluted in water. I like to mix it with the Scarlet red to get some nice effects. 


Round Plastic Paint Tray

I picked up a bunch at my local art store for a buck each. They come in really handy for mixing ink washes and clean up decently with a dry paper towel. However if you are like me and forget to clean it, then make sure to buy a few of them. Also avoid the metal tin ones. The ink is really hard to get off of them.

WHITE OUT - For touch ups


Uni Posca White Pen

We all make mistakes and this is a great pen for doing touch ups and details. The pigment is decent and sometimes you might find it doesn't lay over 100% white but out of all the pens it's the best one out there. 



Strathmore Vision Watercolor

I really enjoy this paper. It holds water really well and is really smooth. I usually cut down the paper to 8.5 x 11" and use the scraps for tests.  



Huion Light Box 

One of my favorite tools.  I like to sketch out my ideas digitally, print them out and ink over the light box. This is essentially like a big iPad. It's very bright and has a really good battery life. It's thin, light and portable. Great for taking to conventions. 



Cintiq 24HD

The most important piece of equipment in my daily life. I've been drawing on this one for almost 6 years and it's still growing strong. They are not cheap but if you draw for a living it's worth it. It took me about 2 weeks of use to get used to going from a tablet to drawing on screen. Don't let the initial change throw you. Stick with it and you won't know what you've done without it. The 24HD model isn't for sale anymore but they always have a newer version coming out each year or two. I prefer the larger size because I like to draw more with my whole arm. 


Wacom Mobile Studio Pro

I consider this a luxury item. It's a really great piece of hardware and for a portable cintiq it's pretty spectacular. It is not a replacement for my 24HD though. I'm used to working at my desk on a large screen with my keyboard at the ready. It could be great for your entire studio but that's not why I bought it. This is great for me when I need to go away and still have client work to do. It's nice to be able to go downstairs and draw on the couch. I like my keyboard and larger screen but this is definitely a solid alternative when I can't be in my office. 


SmudgeGuard tablet glove

This is essential for me to work digitally. My hand tends to stick to my screen and this solves all of the issues. Smudgeguard gloves are the best and I highly recommend getting one if you have the problems I have. Actually get 2 because you'll want to have a spare when it needs washing or if you are like me and forget it somewhere around the house or in a random pocket. 


Clip Studio PAINT EX

Formally known as Manga Studio. This is hands down my favorite drawing program. It's also really affordable. Look for a sale as they have them monthly. You can get the base program on Sale for $25 and the EX version for $80. The EX version I use to make my comic RuinWorld. They have some great build in features for laying out and displaying all your pages. If you aren't going to be making comics then just get the basic version. Then you can always upgrade if you change your mind. They also have a free trail you can test out.