Thank you

The Star Wars sale has ended and it turned out better than I had hoped! 

I just want to thank everyone who had purchased items from my store. You guys and girls are amazing! Thank you to all the people who wrote articles, shared my work, tweeted, liked, fav'ed and left comments. I'm so happy that people are appreciating my art and caring enough to share it with others. Those who are willing to hand me their hard earned money to own some of my art, just makes me appreciate what I do so much more. It helps me move towards doing more personal work and creating the kinds of fan art you want to see. 

Artists just want to create art without having to worry about going after freelance jobs all the time. It's a stressful lifestyle for sure. Having an opportunity to earn money with the support of my fans, while drawing what I want to draw is something I've always strived for. I have a beautiful family to support and I work very long days and a lot of weekends to make sure I can provide for them.  I get to do that with a job that I love. 

Through your purchases in my store, you allow me to keep doing the art I want to do, and the art you want to see. When you share my art with others, you are helping to build my audience and I'm very grateful for that.

So, thank you. 

Happy holidays!


PS Boxing Day Sale coming...