About me

Hi folks! 

My name is Derek Laufman. I am a professional artist located in London, ON. I've been drawing professionally for over 18 years. I'm currently doing freelance design work for Marvel, Hasbro and Mattel among others. I recently illustrated 2 children's books for Disney/Marvel that are coming out in 2017 (that's all I can say about that right now:) I've also had the pleasure of working closely with the uber talented Sean "Cheeks" Galloway as a member of Table Taffy Studios. There I had the opportunity to work on World of Warcraft: Pearls of Pandaria, The Adventures of Superman and Batman Black & White. Last but not least, I am the co-founder of Halfbot, an independent game studio located here in London, Ontario. We're responsible for the smash hits The Blocks Cometh and Super Crate Box iOS.